INMATEC Applications


Extending shelf life is the goal of every food and beverage industry. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of roasted coffee powder not only increase the shelf life and also ensure the freshness and flavor of the product.

A renowed luxury coffee brand uses the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas generator to produce their own nitrogen to flush and pack their coffee sachet.



In order to maintain the freshness and reduce the spoilage of edible oil which is sensitive to oxygen in the air, nitrogen gas is applied to protect and blanket the oil against the onset of oxidative rancidity and contanmination.

A reputable edible oil manufacturer from Thailand uses the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to produce nitrogen gas onsite to reduce cost over purchasing gas.



Nitrogen Gas is used in the blanketing of Coal Silo to prevent combustion. When the coal is subject to extreme heat in a oxygen filled environment, any form of ignition will create unwanted fire hazard.

A major coal-fired power plant that produces electricty and sell back to the national grid installed the INMATEC Nitrogen INMATEC nitrogen gas generator to produce their own nitrogen for flushing and blanketing the coal silos. Oxygen level of not more than 15% is maintained to ensure a fire/flame retardant atmosphere inside.



Aircraft tyres are exposed to forces of considerable strength during take-off and landing. During landing in particular, aircraft tyres heat up strongly due to friction and braking. A tyred filled with oxygen can self ignite under such circumstances. As part of fire protection, aircraft tyres is filled with nitrogen.

A world class airport ground support team uses the INMATEC Nitrogen INMATEC nitrogen gas for the supply of nitrogen gas for all its new tyres and charging of tyres of all the aircraft that lands in its airport.



Stored rice is very susceptible to insect infestations which may lead to losses and quality issues. Major pest found in stored rice include the Rice Weevils. To prevent the growth of such pest, rice producer is looking to non-chemical treatment method to reduce the infestations. Nitrogen gas blanketing is one such method. By controlling the oxygen level in the stored rice, we can prevent the growth of pest.

A national rice storage facility in Singapore procured and installed the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to ensure their own continuous supply of nitrogen gas feed for their rice fumigation and storage process.



Nitrogen is widely used in the chemical industries for the inerting of flammable and combustible liquid. To prevent dangerous explosive combustion situation, nitrogen blanketing of the head space of these chemical storage vessel can avoid such hazardous situation to occur.

A Danish world-leading coating and paint company installed the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator in their Singapore, Malaysia & Vietnam factories to produce their own N2 gas.



Nitrogen is commonly used in packaging of snack food to prevent oxidation and rancidity. This is turn prolong the shelf life and freshness of the product.

An American mulitnational food, snack and beverage corporation choosed INMATEC as their preferred partner to supply them with the Nitrogen Gas Generator to all their factory producing potato chips in Thailand and Vietnam.



An ampoule is a smalled seald vial which is used to contain and preserve usually a solid of liquid. It is usually made of glass and is usually flush with nitrogen prior to protect from air contanmination with the product.

A Vietnamese pharmaceutical company installed the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to produce their gas onsite for their ampoule manufacturing.



Heat treatment in the metal industry is a common process to alter the physical and sometimes chemical properties of a material. Heat treatment techniques include annealing, strengthening, hardening, tempering, carburizing, normalizing and quenching.
A major car radiator company in Thailand uses the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator for the annealing process of the truck radiator that they produces.



Fire Hazard usually result in property damages and in some cases fatality. To prevent a fire, there are various ways and one of it is to reduce the oxygen in the environment. Oxygen content in the atmosphere is 20.9% and if it reduced to 16% and below, it will create a fire retardant environment.

An automated cold storage warehouse in Singapore uses the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to inert their warehouse for fire prevention. It replaces the sprinkler system which has a higher cost of maintenance.



Medical Oxygen is used to provide a basis for virtually all modern anaesthetic techniques which include a wide range of conditions such as sever hemorrhage, CO posioning, cardiac/respiratory arrest, major trauma, etc..

INMATEC Medical Oxygen Gas Generator is



Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is extensively used in the food industry as a means of extending shelf life and retaining the freshness of the product. Packaging of confectionary produce is one of it.

A South Korean Multinational Conglomerate with a confectionary plant in Indonesia installed the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to assist with it MAP process.



Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is Nitrogen is used to prevent oxidation, which occurs when wine is exposed to too much oxygen. Thus the used on nitrogen throughout various stages of winemaking process helps to preserve the color, flavor and aroma of the wine.

An Australian wine manufacturer prefers the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator over other supplier for the inhouse nitrogen gas production.



Ozone is used effectively in the processing of water laden with concentrations of industrial byproducts through ozone oxidation. Ozonation has more advantages and benefits as compared with Chlorination and UV radiation as such it is a widely use all over the world for municipal wastewater treament.

A Malaysian wastewater treatment plant based in the Southern part of Thailand uses the INMATEC Oxygen Gas Generator to supply the oxgyen gas into their Ozone Generator to produce ozone for their wastewater treatment process.



Soldering process are carried out in an inert gas atmosphere in order to improve soldering process, prevent formation of oxide and ensure a high-quality solder joint. Nitrogen provides this suitable enviroment for these soldering process.

An Australian electronic manufacturer company installed the INMATEC Nitrogen Gas Generator to supply nitrogen gas for their selective soldering machine.