Zero Purge Adsorption Air Dryers

Disk Drive Application – Nano Heatless Modular Dryers

Flow 2000 cfm @ 8 barg, -70 deg C PDP

A world leading American data storage company with a large manufacturing based in Thailand ultilises Nano modular desiccant dryers for their high tech production, giving them class 1.1.1 air quality according to ISO8573.1 : 2010

Glass production Application – Nano Large Refrigeration Dryers

Flow : 4000cfm @ 4 barg, 3~5 deg C PDP x 2 sets

One of the Philippine’s largest multinational public listed conglomerate chooses Nano large Refrigeration dryer for their glass bottling manufacturing replacing their existing ageing and problematic dryers.

Semiconductor Manufacturing – Nano Heated Blower “Zero purge” dryer

3600cfm @ 8 barg, -40 deg C PDP

An Austrian global leader in the design and manufacture of sensors replaced their energy guzzling heatless type air dryers to Nano “Zero purge” dryers resulting in massive energy savings.

Textile Manufacturing – Nano Large Refrigeration Dryer

10,000 cfm @ 7 barg, 3-5 deg C PDP

A leading global textile manufacturer based in Indonesia replaces their under-performing refrigeration dryers with Nano. The user is extremely happy with the new dryers and is planning to change all their existing dryers to nano.

Electronics wave soldering – Nano Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen flow : 100 m3/h @ 99.99% purity, 5 barg

A well-known Japanese automotive components manufacturer uses Nano nitrogen generators for their wave soldering application, replacing costly N2 cylinders, resulting in cost savings and increase in productivity.

Dairy manufacturing – Nano Heated Blower “Zero purge” dryer

4800 m3/h @ 7 barg, -40 deg C PDP

A well-known Dutch dairy MNC places a repeat order for the Nano Zero Purge dryer for their plant expansion. Zero purge dryer utilises environment air for regeneration, thus saving energy compared to heatless type desiccant dryers.